Custom Electronic Design Services
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C.E.D.S. is a small highly efficient team of very experienced designers. We achieve this efficiency by making full use of available computer based technologies. The savings that we make in operating costs can then be shared with our clients by way of our competitive design pricing policy.

Although C.E.D.S. was founded in 1988, the staff have a combined total of over 80 man years in electronic hardware and software design consultancy. This wealth of experience gives us the confidence and ability to undertake the vast majority of our clients design tasks on a fixed price basis.

When working in this way to meet agreed timescales and technical targets our clients know the limit of their design costs. This gives our clients far greater control over design budgets than conventional time and material design work allows. As our client list shows, we have done design work on behalf of a number of large international concerns as well as for much smaller companies.

It is very encouraging to us that we are regularly asked to undertake repeat work for past clients. We feel that this is the best testimonial which we can offer.