Custom Electronic Design Services
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The following lists some of the areas where we have recent design experience:

Light Metering Equipment
Microprocessor based telecommunication equipment
Analog signal capture systems
Specialised display controllers
Electronic shelf edge labels
Specialised data analysis software
Distributed serial data capture and analysis systems
Environmental control devices
Multiprocessor image capture and analysis systems
Ruggedised temperature and pressure logging devices
Application Specific Integrated Circuit design
High accuracy sheet counting system
Industrial Metrology equipment
Process Quality Assurance systems
Document handling equipment
Liquid flow control systems
Automated conveyor systems
Acceleration and Force monitoring devices

In addition we have design experience within recent years in the following areas:

Design of RFI shielded custom electronic equipment
Distributed processor control of machine tools
Magnetic signal detection and analysis systems
3 Dimensional viewing systems
Special purpose bar code readers
IBM PC compatible computer design, including ASIC's
Computer Keyboard design